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An excellent adjunct for anyone wanting to reduce:

. Appetite

. Sugar craving 

. Cellulite 

. Stubborn, hard to shift fat stores

. Size of fat cells

. Clothing size in 21 days

SLIM FiX -superior's plant extracts help aide in fat burn by binding to fat cells, the

ultimate KEY in reducing kilos 

  • Re-set metabolic rate

  • Regulate and reduce fat cell growth 

  • Reduce up to 4kg in 8 Days combined together with,  ACTIVE SLIM -Fat Burn Matrix elixir

  • Achieve sustainable weight loss fast 

  • Lose 4-6kg in 14 Days!

Take Back Control & Prevent Weight Loss Sabotage!

Reduce Weight, Appetite, Sugar Cravings & Cellulite Fast!  

The plant extracts in SLIM FiX dietary supplement work well collectively at a circulatory level, thus
giving you full control,  making losing weight a breeze!




These capsules are honey in colour

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The SLIM FiX -superior's finest active plants, minerals, enzymes, amino acids and alkaloids help breakdown
stubborn hard to shift fat, thereby making reducing kilos easy. 

SLIM FiX-superior IS super effective!


Whether you're a man or a women, if you're unable or struggling to lose weight, and have given up, try again.
This time with this super amazing, SLIM FiX -superior weight loss supplement.
Firstly, your frustration is understandable. Everything you've tried hasn't worked. You've tried them all. Have you tried the
SLIM FiX -superior weight loss supplement?
If you have health concern and are on medication these may prevent you losing weight. (not at all suggesting stop taking your meds)
Anti depressant pills, on set of age, hormone imbalance, menopause, andropause, stress, comfort eating, anxiety, depression,
drinking much too much, night shift work, anti birth pills, meds for endimetriosis, lack of exercise, over eating will all slow down
weight loss and throw your metabolism out off whack.. 
You may find yourself becoming frustrated, upset and angry. Weight loss can seem impossible, and your cravings for
sugars and carbs may get worse over time. Don't give up yet! Try  the SLIM  FiX -superior weight loss supplement.
This comes with a money back guarantee. We are available for advice and support.

SLIM FiX-superior is an excellent choice as your DAILY DEFENCE to looking and feeling fabulous!

The specifically selected, collective plant extracts may be your guiding light and help you lose your unwanted kilos, reduce your
appetite, carb cravings, sugar cravings and give back to you your total control over foods you chose to eat and beverages you wish to
drink. Full control! No excuses! The choice is now yours to make. Sticking to a 800 calorie a day intake made easy. 

Taking Back Control Is Power!  This prevents weight loss sabotage. 

SLIM FiX-superior weight loss supplement, works collectively at a circulatory level giving you full control thus making
losing weight a breeze!





*Note: if weight loss slows down after the first week, don't panic! This means, the ' fat ' is coming OFF, of your fat stores.  You are re-booting your metabolic rate, this is a very important factor in slimming especially if you are suffering from the nasty 'metabolic syndrome.' This normally strikes as we hit our mid 30's, this is the time, when one may start gaining unexplained weight and find reducing kilos a struggle.

*To Note: It is common to feel suboptimal in the first few days of using any weight management supplement. This is due to now consuming reduced intake of carbs, sugars, caffine, soft drink and fats. Give your body and mind a little time to re-adjust, re-programme and reset. Thus, most people feel excellent once this initial adaptation phase passes. Simply, be patient for a few days, your body is experiencing major withdrawal from bad habits and is now adjusting to new you.

These capsules are honey colour 
  • Achieve sustainable weight loss fast
  • Reduce cellulite
  • Lose 4-6kg in 2 weeks
  • Optimise body circulation for weight loss
  • Delivery of more weight loss than exercise alone
  • Reduce emotional eating 
  • Elimanate the feeling of deprivation and frustration
  • Take full control over what you eat/FREE choice
  • Spoil yourself once a week by eating what you like

SLIM FiX-superior is an excellent DAILY DEFENCE for looking and feeling fabulous!

Certain hormone deficiency cause weight gain, slow down metabolic rate and stores fat around the tummy, thighs and arms, making weight loss unachievable. Other hormone imbalance may cause tummy fat, increase appetite, sugar and carb craving. If you fall into this category, and struggle with extra belly fat, this can indicate one or more of the following hormonal imbalance; high estrogen, low testosterone, low DHEA or high cortisol levels.

Take back control and prevent weight loss sabotage. Lose weight, reduce appetite, sugar cravings and melt away cellulite fast!  

Serving Size 1-2 soft cell capsules
Serving Per Container: 30
Suggested use: 1-2 capsules upon waking per day
1- C. aurantium L.
SLIM FIX dietary supplement for weight loss, contains the compound synephrine from Citrus aurantium L. a powerful fat burner, appetite suppressant and a metabolic rate booster.
Scientific studies indicate C. aurantium L. encourages effective weight loss by releasing stored fat for energy production without stimulating the central nervous system. The extract from the C. aurantium L. is rich in vitamins and minerals to facilitate weight loss. 
  • Increases metabolism and calorie expenditure
  • Promotes weight loss and accelerates removal of unwanted fat stores
  • Increases energy and physical performance
  • Works as an appetite suppressant
  • Calms nerves
Studies have reported 1000mg and below a day is a safe dose to increase weight Loss, fat brakedown and support basal metabolic rate.
Believed by the traditional Basque medicine to
  • Increase metabolic rate
  • Appetite suppressant
  • Fat bunner
  • Indigestive tonic
  • Improve insomnia
  • Aid restful sleep
  • Induce calm
  • Reduce stress and nervous tension
  • Thermogenic base
  • Reduce fluid retention

Food and Chemical Toxicology -Press Haaz et all 2006 Journal of Medicine, 33: 1-4


2- G. lucidum
G. lucidum have been part of herbal medicine family for over four thousand years and has been reported to contain valuable benefits such as a potent immune system regulator
. Kidney & Liver function support
. Reduce toxins
. Reduce weight  
. Help boost metabolic rate
. Help burn fat pockets around the body
. Reduce appetite 
. Assist liver detoxification
. Provide energy supply



3- C. sinensis
Camellia sinensis extract is a valuable botanic as an exceptional antioxidant fat loss plant. Scientific studies indicate, its use may help support immune function, cardiovascular health, and fat loss. A worthwhile addition to your dietary habit, especially if your goal is fat loss.
PLease note, if you consume caffeinated drinks daily, the plant fat burning effect would be less saficient, therefore while keeping realistic expectations, cut back all caffeinated beverages and, drink a glass of pure water every hour to support faster weight lossand to hydrate the body naturally.
. Induces thermagenesis
. Stimulates fat oxidation
. Deliver controlled sustained enegy support to help burn fat naturally
 .Appetite suppression
. Cut down sugar and carb cravings
. Boosts metabolic rate 4% without increasing heart rate
. Contains high level of polyphenol
. Increases energy levels
. Reduce blood cholesterol
. May reduce blood pressure
. May slow oxidation of 'bad' cholesterol
. Liver function support
. Neutralise free radicals
. Natural antibiotic
. Anti tumorigenic
. Anticarcinogenic
. Suppress formation of 'sticky blood' protein
. Supports intestine in breaking down carbohydrate to simple sugars
4- N. nucifera
Used in native tropical to subtropical regions for over 1500 years as medicinal food,
. Detoxification
. High fiber
. Reduce anxiety & stress
. Promote healthy liver function
. Support weight loss
. carbohydrate and fats turn in to energy

5- C. fistula
Rich in valuable benefits:
. Vitamin A and B
. An anti inflammatory
. Antioxident
. Assists with constipation
. High in fiber

6- P. armeniaca L.

Is an apricot extract known as a good dietary supplement has shown antioxidant, anti-inflammatory

. Rich source of Vitamin E, B.
. B17 for immune system
. Magnesium
. Manganese
. Copper
. Calcium
. Potassium
. Lowers blood lipids
. May lower ( LDL) cholesterol
. Mono unsaturated fats
. Poly unsaturated fats
. Phytosterols
. Sitostanols
. High in fiber

7- P. quinquefolius L
A perennial American ginseng plant extract is known to be an adaptogen- mainly to help the body to adapt to stress of various kinds: exertion, work stress and emotional eating. Are believed to provide energy boost, lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels, reduce stress, promote relaxation

. Prevent sleep deprivation
. May stimulate physical and mental activity among weak and tired
. Supports immunity
. May stimulates endocrine gland
. May adapt hormone levels
. Support psychological stress
. Stimulate mind
. Improve mood
. May act as an aphrodisiac
. Improve cognitive function
. May protect toxic exposure
. May increase well being
. May improves physical performance/ Vigor

8. Theobromine

Theobromine is formely known as xantheoseThe words meaning is 'Food of the Gods' Its consumption began in America and in the mid sixteenth century, spread to Europe. Beyond being considered a pleasant habit due to its rich sweet lingering taste, chocolate was considered a good nutrient and even a medicine.
  • High content of antioxidant
  • A positive  mood support
  • Supports positive state of alertness
  • The main mechanisms of action, inhibition of phosphodiesterases and blockade of adenosine receptors
  • Has a lesser impact on the central nervous system than caffeine due to its low dose of extract, it can not cause sleeplessness
* Therefore, theobromine deserves attention as one of the most attractive molecules for is positive benefits
9- C. fimbriata
Caralluma fimbriata is labelled as the best weight loss botanic of the year. A powerful appetite suppressant helps to consume less food intake without experiencing hunger pangs or mood swings, curbing your cravings while losing weight.
. Reduce fatigue by activating stored fat
. Reduce inflammation due to omega 9 fatty acid composition
. Reduce fat storage
. Contains ability to suppress hunger
. Enhance stamina
. A ghrelin-inhibiting weight loss aid
US National Library of Medicine
US National Institutes of Health
*Additional Information

*Note: if weight loss slows down after the first week, don't panic! This means, the ' fat ' is coming OFF, of your fat stores.
 Rebooting your metabolic rate is a very important factor in slimming. If you are suffering from 'metabolic syndrome'  normally strikes as we hit our mid 30's, one may start to become obese, and may develop type II diabetes.

*To Note: It is common to feel suboptimal in the first few days of using any weight management supplement, due to reduced intake of, carbs, sugar, caffine, soft drink and fat.  Give your body and mind a little time to re-adjust, re-programme and reset. However, most people feel excellent once this initial adaptation phase passes. Be patient for a few days, your body is experiencing
major withdrawal and, a positive healthy change!
Adaptation: your new found change in low-carb, low sugar eating pattern will take you through an adaptation phase, as your body is now getting used to burning fat, instead of carbs and sugars. Be patient fow a few days, give your body a chace to catch up. This is called the “low-carb flu” and is usually, over within days. Once this initial phase is over, many report to having more energy than ever before, with no
'afternoon dips' in energy, ( usually is very common with, high-carb and bad eating habits)

* A POSITIVE NOTE: Scientific studies indicate, the lowering of carbs help reduce appetite, help one eat less calories -help lose weight pretty much effortlessly. Low-carb diets also have many other benefits: lowers blood sugar, blood pressure and triglycerides, raise HDL 'the good ' and improve the pattern of LDL 'the bad' cholesterol.
. Also when one starts to eating less than 50 grams per day, the body enters into ketosis; supplying energy to the brain via 'ketone bodies' as this reduces appetite and results in automatic lb loss.
* If you have a medical condition consult your doctor before using this particular botanic, as this may drastically reduce your need for medication!
*A low-carb diet isn’t just about weight loss, it's also to improve health. Eating unprocessed foods, and instead consumin meats, fish, eggs, vegetables, nuts, healthy fats, full-fat dairy products and drinking at least
1.5 L of pure water and coconut water every day will eventually, become a subconcious choice.

* Low-carb diets greatly reduce blood levels of insulin, a hormone that brings the glucose (from the carbs) into cells.
*One of the functions of insulin is to store fat. Many experts believe that the reason low-carb diets work so well, as levels of this hormone is reduced and lets the kidney know to hoard sodium. This is the reason high-carb diets can cause excess water retention.  When you cut carbs, you reduce insulin and your kidneys start shedding excess water.

*Studies show low-carb diets are particularly effective at reducing the fat in your abdominal cavity -belly fat, which is the most
dangerous fat of all and highly associated with many foms of disease.

*Support weight loss, and improve health, "toxic fat caused by too many unhealthy snack foods "  'Heart Foundation', ' Healthy Together Victoria ' - c/o Cancer Council 

Please note: Any medical information published on this website is not intended as a substitute for informed medical advice and you should consult with a health care professional. For more information, please read our terms of use.